Direct flights to and from major cities worldwide
                            Consolidation services to over 200 Destinations
                            Fully computerised Customs clearance facilities throughout China
                            Specialist Broker and Breakbulk Agents
                            Fine Art & Precious Metals

                            OCEAN FREIGHT
                            International Groupage Services
                            Full and Part container loads - Dry Van, Reefer, Tanktainers etc.
                            Brokerage Facilities Worldwide
                            Through rates to all inland destinations

                            DOOR TO DOOR SERVICE
                            Full Air or Sea service worldwide

                            G.O.H. SERVICES
                            Garments on Hanger Service
                            Worldwide destinations served by air and sea

                            ROAD TRANSPORT
                            Express van, full and part trailer movements daily throughout Hong Kong & China

                            Full Export facilities including on-site and hazardous cargo

                            Clean secure and fully alarmed warehouse facilities
                            Full inventory control, pick and pack service available

                            INSURANCE SERVICES
                            Full comprehensive range of policies

                            All Legal and Consular procedures effected
                            Direct liaison with Embassies and Consular Departments

                            CROSS TRADE
                            Specialist third party movements

                            COMPLETE LOGISTICS SERVICES:
                            We convey the goods from the supplier to our warehouse.
                            If the cargo comes from abroad, we take the goods to our warehouse where no duties are due.
                            If the cargo comes from China, we export the goods and store it in our warehouse.
                            Stock control.
                            We prepare the goods for re-forwarding: sorting, processing, packaging and preparing the necessary documents (commercial invoice, packing list, etc...)
                            We forward the goods by any means of transport.
                            Transport and warehousing insurance on demand.
                            We could also provide any part of this service.